Friday 18 July 2014

Summer Pilates workout - for on the beaches!!

Hi All

I know that a lot of you are jetting off and are going to be missing your weekly dose of Pilates - well, no excuses to let your practice slip.  Here is a suggested programme for you;

Warm up
Alignment and balances - into tree pose.  Foot activation (press down into bent toes)
Roll downs (x3) into up dog, then down into plank x 3/4 times

Main Phase
Neutral spine - toe taps x 6, hover on last few
Shoulder Bridge - with leg lifts if able, keeping hips stable
The 100 - oh yes - do not forget this one!
Roll ups and downs (from lying position)
Side Plank - both sides, with thread needle if able x3
Torpedo x 5/6
Side kick x 5/6
Oyster x 5/6
Dolphins x 6 (add variations if able)
Table Top - holding longer
Cat Stretch
Cobra - start off with small extensions then into full if everything feels ok
Do other side from Torpedo
Single Leg circles
Open Leg rocker (with legs wide)

Cool Down
Hamstrings & Sciatic stretch
Gluteal stretch
Hip rolls (knees one way - head the other, arms in T Position)

Whoop - get through all that and we'll be impressed!  Should take you an hour to do the full lot, or break it down to half hour sessions - always do the complete set for warm up and cool down, then choose a couple of exercises out of the main phase.  The above are exercises that we regularly perform in classes, so remember;

Breath, alignment, feet (activated not hanging!), control, precision - think about the target muscles.

Try to practice 2/3 times per week (even if just for 15 mins) - keep up with the great progress that we've already made.

Have a great summer!

J & M xxx