Wednesday 19 February 2014

Half Term Pilates Workout!

Hi All

Even though it's the half-term holidays, no need to let your Pilates training slip!  Take just 20 minutes three times per week and do the following exercises, that will then ensure that you are keeping that spine moving and getting the joints lubricated. 

This programme is designed for those already attending our classes - full explanation of the exercises are given in class - where posture and technique are continually checked - this is designed as an aide memoir to be used between classes.   

Ensure that you are feeling well before you attempt any of the exercises.

Remember the Pilates Principles of alignment, flow, centering, concentration, control, precision, flow and breath.

Start off with the Pilates Stance

- knees soft, second toe, knee and middle of the hip all in line.  Rock pelvis backwards and forwards - to find neutral (where the pubic bone and hip bone are on the same plane).

Start taking deep breathes in and get the core engagement, engage the Transverse Abdominus and pelvic floor.

Roll shoulders back and down, pull head up tall.  Without moving hips - lift up one leg to 90 degrees and circle the ankle, repeat other side.

Roll Downs x 4

Lie in relaxation position - find neutral pelvis

Knee lifts x 6

Shoulder Bridge x 6

Single Leg Circles x 6 each way and each leg

Abdominal Curl Ups x 6 with x 6 pulses at the end

Oblique Curls x 6 each side with x 6 pulses at the end

Lie on side - shoulders, hips, knees and ankles stacked - knees bent about 45 degrees, feet in line with bum -

Oyster x 6 single, x 6 pulses - then if able into bicycle legs x 6

Lie on front - find neutral pelvis

Dart x 6

Oyster - other side - as above

Rolling like a ball

Hamstring Stretch, gluteal stretch, threadneedle stretch, cat stretch.


Enjoy!!  xxxx

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