Friday 15 May 2015

It's been a while....!

Hi All

It's been a while since I updated my blog and loads of things (of a life changing nature) have happened in the past 6 months - including a close family bereavement, the family dog passing away and being made redundant!  One thing I've learned - life goes on, you only get one chance, so be as healthy as you can and enjoy your life!!

So, whilst I've been away, I've been reading loads of books on various health topics, and as a result I have become very interested in the bacteria in the gut and how it affects your health.  It's a very new area of research and scientists are only beginning to understand how the bacteria inside your gut plays an important part in vitamin absorption, and recent research suggests that certain bacteria in your gut can help you stay thin (or vice versa).

One area that interests me is how the bacteria in your gut affects your skin.  I have been a lifelong eczema sufferer.  I was born with it and throughout my life I have never really been totally clear of it at all.  One of the more annoying things about suffering with eczema is that it seems completely random - there is no predicting where or why an outbreak may occur. For most of my life I've used steroid creams to control it, however, I'm now getting to an age where using steroid creams is starting to show (my hands look 10 years older than me!). I've tried everything - literally, I must have spent a fortune on various lotions and potions over the years - but nothing really works long term.  

So one day I was listening to Radio 2 and a lovely lady came on talking about her goats milk and kefir (basically fermented goats milk!) and how it was really good for eczema, so I decided that I'd give it a try.  The irony is that for years my mum told me to drink goats milk, and also my best friends mum (who breeds goats) told me to drink it - I did try it, but I thought it tasted awful.  However, doing my research and being convinced that it was worth giving it a try, I decided to undergo the 21 day program.

So I am going to keep you updated on my progress....

If you're interested in finding out more information then here is the link through to their website;

Let me know if you have skin conditions and what has worked for them.

Jill x

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