Thursday 21 May 2015

Fermented Goatsmilk - a cure for eczema?

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I said that I was going to keep you all up-to date with my progress regarding the 21day program of drinking Kefir in goats milk (basically fermented goats milk), thus replacing the nasty bacteria in my gut with super duper highly charged good bacteria.  Which would then (in theory) help with my eczema!

So I am nearing the end of my experiment now, and here are my experiences so far!

The milk arrives in a cooled box, with some rather fancy cooling device - which my dad promptly removed to use on footballers legs!  Anyway my fridge looked overloaded with the milk and it all looked quite daunting - a lot to get through;

Fully stocked fridge!!

I was particularly taken with the wording on the bottles that says 'I don't taste very nice on my own!'!!  So I was 'looking forward' to starting with a bit of trepidation.

Here's there reason I wanted to try something different.  I'm now 40 (and a bit), and have suffered from eczema to a lesser and greater degree all my life - I was born with it.  I can't remember a time when I wasn't covering myself in some cream or other.  I have used steroid based creams for most of my life, and my skin is now showing the effects of long term usage.  My hands, which have always been affected the worst, now look 10 years older than I do!  

So I decided to try the goat milk and lessen the steroids, it wasn't going to do any harm.

The first day I tried the goats milk - I used my Nutribullet and mixed the milk with strawberries and blueberries.  Due to the fermentation process the milk is quite fizzy, so when you take the lid off the top of the container it makes the gassy noise like when you unscrew a bottle of Coke - which is a bit weird at first.

When I first tasted it, it didn't actually taste too bad (this is considering I don't even drink cows milk due to the texture), but it was the smell of it that put me off and made me wretch a bit (I'm really selling this now).  It has a cheesy smell, which can be quite off putting first thing on a morning!  But I discovered that if I didn't breath in whilst drinking it (a skill I've discovered) the taste was ok, once you get used to it.  It is recommended that you have it first thing on a morning.  So I tried to imagine all the good bacteria going in and getting rid of all the rubbish in my gut.  I've now, actually got quite used to the taste.

As I'd stopped using the steroids - I expected my skin to get worse before it got better and my word it did!  I was absolutely covered and thoroughly miserable with itching and scratching - the below picture is my arms (which have never been particularly badly affected by eczema) after about a week.

I did cheat a couple of times with only a tiny bit of steroid cream - especially when the eczema started to creep up onto my neck.  But I have moisturised for England!!  I used the Moisturiser from the 'Chuckling Goat', but the pot honestly wasn't big enough to hit everywhere where I was having an outbreak - so I ended up buying a giant pot of Organic Coconut Oil and literally covering myself in it every morning and every night before bed.

So I have only half a bottle of goats milk left to drink and then I'm finished the 21 day course, do you want to see the result....?

Next blog post!

Jill x

For more info on the Kefir and Goatsmilk - see the below link;

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