Saturday 20 August 2016

The Olympics and Pilates - which of Team GB practice Pilates?


I don't know about you, but I am loving watching the Olympics 2016.  Seeing people who have made massive sacrifices to their lives for that one moment is just amazing to watch.  I did actually get up at 2am last Saturday to watch Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Jess Ennis-Hill; and I loved the two Brazilian gymnasts who on Sunday won silver and bronze medals behind Max Whitlock - it meant so much to them.

Anyway, whilst I was watching, I started to wonder how many of Team GB practice Pilates as part of their training program, so after a quick search on trusty Google, here are a few of the results;

1. Andy Murray - he did amazing, winning his 2nd Gold medal.  Loved how he put down John Inverdale (John asked him how if felt to be the first person (tennis player) to have won 2 gold medals - to which Murray replied - 'Serena and Venus have 4 each' - oops!).  Anyway Andy Murray is well documented to have credited Pilates with getting his back injury sorted after back surgery.  He still includes it in his regular training plan, along with a lot of flexibility work.

2. Bradley Wiggins - Sir Brad uses exercise balls and Pilates to keep his muscles resilient and keep his core strong.  

3. Tom Daley  He incorporates a wide range of disciplines into his training program including Pilates, Meditation and Ballet - all of which he has credited with him falling back in love with his sport.

4.Laura Trott - The top cyclist says that core work is very important for holding the position on the bike and preventing injury.  She regularly incorporates planks, side planks and exercise ball work to strengthen her abs.

So although Pilates is not technically a sport, it's not hard to see why so many successful athletes incorporate the system into their training programs.  Pilates focuses on alignment, balance and centre using deep core muscles - it's hardly surprising that it's the 'backbone' (ha!) of many sportspeople. When you regularly practice Pilates your strength creeps up on you, and you don't really notice it, as it is gradually built up via specific building blocks, it's only when you stop, and the aches and pains start to return - you realise how much good you have been doing for your body.

But you don't have to be a top class sportsperson to do it, you can do Pilates at any level - just make sure that you join a class with a suitably qualified instructor.

If you want to join my classes, then get in touch via the link below;

Hope to see you in classes soon!  

Jill x

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