Sunday 7 August 2016

Summer Pilates Workout

I know that there are some ninja's out there, and I'm getting a lot of requests for a simple set of exercises to keep you moving whilst your away on your holidays.  So here you go, do these and they'll keep your spine mobilised and your core strong;

Warm Up - some big movements focused on the big muscle groups

Squats - 8 x normal, 8 x pulses - 2 x sets

Roll Downs x 4

Onto Mat - Shoulder Bridge x 8 with breath

Toe Taps  - x8

Single Leg Stretch  x 8

Scissor Legs x 8

Onto side - Torpedo x 8, then x8 pulses

Oyster - x8 with x8 pulses

Do the other side

Onto all fours - Table Top x 8

Onto front - Dart


Cat Stretch
Glute/Piriformis Stretch

Enjoy!!  See you all back in classes soon. Jill x

(This program is for people who have been attending classes previously.  Any exercise program should be supervised by a professional, or you should seek medical advice before you begin).

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